CURATE specializes in art collection management and appraisal services for private collectors, corporations, galleries and artists. We catalogue (inventory), protect, research and care for collections to protect value and condition. 

Each piece is thoroughly photographed, a condition report is completed, associated documents are digitized. A unique digital record is created for each artwork.  Digital files are stored and redundantly backed up on private secure severs. A bound paper catalogue is provided and updated as necessary.

We also specialize in and love working on artist catalogue raisonné and artist legacy projects - studio organization, inventory management and career documentation.


  • USPAP Compliant Appraisal Services
  • Insurance Policy Evaluation
  • Create and maintain a digital and professionally bound catalogue
    • including but not limited to:
      • artist
      • title
      • date
      • medium 
      • size
      • condition
      • provenance
      • location
      • purchase history
      • photographic record
      • invoice receipts
      • exhibit records
      • condition
  • Coordinate with estate planners to provide proper documentation and inventory records
  • Provenance documentation
  • Market research
  • Artist sale and auction tracking
  • Research
    • Artist Biography
    • Exhibit History
    • Meaning/Inspiration of Individual Works
    • Publication History
  • Condition Reports and Evaluation
    • Document and evaluate condition
    • Identify protective measures
    • Identify restoration/conservation methods

Coordinate the following services through local specialists:

  • Art Installation
  • Storage
  • Framing, Restoration & Repair
  • Fine Art Acquisition
  • Lighting
  • Custom Displays
  • Space Planning
  • Art Packaging & Shipping

CURATE is an international company based in Newport Beach, California founded by Kirsten Hermstad.  Kirsten's career in architecture and construction project management led to a keen eye for detail and organization.  Her love of art and history led her to the University of Oxford to study art history "just for fun".  "Just for fun", became the catalyst for retiring from architecture and construction to help private collectors, corporations, artists and galleries document and protect their collections.  "I will never "work" another day in my  life, this is not work it is a Joy! Art makes me smile. It's an honor to be invited into the homes and offices of collectors and artists to see their collections in person.  It's fascinating to see what they choose to collect, and it is very rewarding to know that through my work,  collectors can enjoy each piece with confidence knowing it is protected and maintained."

In her spare time, Kirsten is completing a program at the NODE Center in Curatorial Studies, volunteers at the Getty Museum, provides Marketing and Development support to the Newport Aquatic Center, and enjoys afternoons exploring with her grandson. 

She lives in Hanalei, Kauai and Newport Beach, California.